Recognising the mouth watering attributes of Musang King, we are proud to introduce our very own delectable Musang King durian liqueur, lovingly brewed from 100% pure, delicious flesh of the Musang King durian. With 18% undistilled alcohol, prepared to the finest quality, our “Musang King” liqueur is here to offer you an excellent fusion of flavours that is unprecedented. Our liqueur is sure to provide you a delightful experience that is unforgettable on your palate.


Musang King Durian Flesh, Ethanol,Sugar & Approved Emulsifier

Nutritious Values

For years, durian has been widely celebrated for a long list of health benefits such as boosting the body’s immunity, improving digestion, strengthening bones and maintaining good hormonal balance to prevent anemia, insomnia and depression.

Being rich in organosulfur compounds, durian has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which help prevent cardiovascular disease, lower blood pressure and promote good skin.