Plantation to Brewery


Our premium Musang King durians are sourced from orchards around Bentong and Raub in the state of Pahang. Known locallly as “durian country”, both Bentong and Raub take pride in producing some of the best durians in the country, including the renowned Musang King.

Proper planting methodologies and soil management enable the durian trees to produce a consistently high quality yield and premium fruits.

Additionally, two distinct dry spells of 2-3 weeks in January-February and July-August, and a rainy season from October to December, lead to two fruit seasons every year.


By batches, the durian flesh is taken from the cold room to be thawed and processed using a well-established method, augmented by the latest technology.

During the process, the yield obtained is a pure product of the natural biochemical reaction with no preservatives, artificial colourings or flavours added. This is to ensure 100% purity and authenticity of DORIAN-INSIDE.


All manufacturing processes are subject to strict quality control measures overseen by a team of food technologists and the end product is certified by MeSTI before being relayed to distributors and retailers.


The product is produced under strict environmental laws, Customs regulations and licensing requirements, all of which are implemented and adhered to in collaboration with Sunyuen Sdn Bhd, one of the oldest alcoholic beverage manufacturers in Malaysia.